that unforgettable smile gets the best of me


CINDY // Canadian






lets have phone sex over walkie talkies

"I’ll make you moan, over"

"bend over"
"bend what? over"

From T.O to LA …. Because of a hair competition .. Placed third for the Wella trend vision… Spending a week alone in Venice, CALI… And Santa Monica … My life had such a plot twist and took a turn for the better …. I’m very impressed with life right now. I would have never thought I’d be where I am today .. A year ago… 7 months ago… 3 months ago.. A month ago… Even a week ago.. I guess you just never know where life takes you and I’m loving it so much right now, everything …. Just everything. Going with the flow has always been my motto because you can’t change fate. 🌊🌊🌊 whatever happens will actually will happen… And there will be so many little coincidences and hints , it’s so random and fucked up but jeez.. It’ll always take you somewhere… When there’s up, there’s eventually down.. When there’s down there’s always up☀️